"Athena" Earrings

"Athena" Earrings

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Three-dimensional earrings inspired by architectural columns, the Athena is made of two interlocking pieces of translucent clear and magenta-colored matte acrylic. Depending on the light and vantage point, these earrings are sure to catch your eye at every angle!

Designed, laser-cut and assembled by hand, these lightweight earrings measure approximately .5 x 1.5 inches and are fixed on sterling silver hooks (so your ears are guaranteed not to turn an icky green!) 

Due to the nature of the materials used and handmade quality, slight imperfections may be present in the surface of the acrylic. These will not effect wearability of the piece and are not generally noticeable.

Care Instructions:

  • Please keep all of your MACKBON pieces in a clean, dry place away from other metals that may tarnish your hooks and chains. 
  • Be aware that the use of oils, creams, moisturisers, perfumes etc will affect the longevity of glues and the lustre of metals.
  • Please do not wear in water and understand that some pieces are delicate and will break if they are dropped or bent. 
  • Acrylic surface can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove any fingerprints or smudges.
  • Sterling silver will oxidize and tarnish over time and with repeated wear. Clean jewelry with a polishing cloth and tarnish remover to keep it looking new!